Meals on a Loveseat

Meals on a Loveseat
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Friday, October 30, 2015

COOK - Halloween "Eat your vegetables" 好味又驚嚇企劃

哈囉喂!!Halloween 就到了,大家扮鬼扮馬之時,我都給自己做了一個Lo-Fi,好味又驚嚇的project叫"eat your vegetables",提提你多吃蔬菜!。
第一波:恐怖又香滑的“椰奶南瓜湯” 食譜按這裡
While you're figuring out what costume to wear on Halloween, I've given myself a little "scarily healthy" project to bring your awareness to eat more vegetables!! Today's special: Coconut Milk Pumpkin Soup. Click here for recipe.

"Eat your vegetables"企劃第二波!我一向都覺得椰菜花好似電咗髪嘅“阿婆頭”,依家阿婆唔止電髪,仲染埋髪添!今個Halloween,你都咬吓阿婆個頭啦啦啦!
"Eat your vegetables" series #2 - I always think that cauliflower looks like a granny perm, and now they even come in different colors. Watch out and not to be mistaken and bite your grandma's head on Halloween ~~~

"Eat your vegetables"企劃第三波!動用了各地搜羅的道具,製作了這個lo-fi的圖片。
覺得血恐怖嗎?我就覺得病比血更恐怖,記得多吃有營養的蔬菜噢,就好像這個紅菜頭汁一樣,很健康啊!Happy Halloween!
"Eat your vegetables" series #3 - The above are not scary enough?? oh well, please don't faint on this one...
Remember to eat more healthy vegetables, they might be scary, but scarily healthy!
Happy Halloween ~~~

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