Meals on a Loveseat

Meals on a Loveseat
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

COOK - 漬け半熟卵 Japanese-Style Marinated Soft-boiled Egg



雞蛋 4隻

味醂 5湯匙
醬油 5湯匙
砂糖 1湯匙
水 160ml

1. 將蛋放至室溫溫度
2. 大煲內將水煮滾,小心放入蛋,煮6分鐘
3. 拿出蛋放入冰水內放至變涼
4. 此時將醃蛋調味料混合煮熱直至砂糖溶化,放涼備用
5. 小心將已變涼的雞蛋除殼
6. 將醃蛋調味料放入一容器內,(最好較高身,放入蛋後能完全蓋過蛋表面)。放入雞蛋醃約30分鐘取出,便成了漬け半熟卵。


Japanese-Style Marinated Soft-boiled Egg

4 Eggs

5 tbsp Mirin

5 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Sugar
Water 160ml

1. Allow the eggs to come to room temperature
2. Boil a big pot of water, carefully place the eggs in it and cook for 6 minutes
3. Take out the eggs and soak in ice water until they become cold
4. Mix the ingredients of the marinade and cook until dissolved. Set aside and let cool
5. Carefully peel off the shells off the eggs
6. Put the marinade in a deep container and place the eggs inside (making sure that the marinade covers all the eggs. Let sit and marinate for 30 minutes, then take the eggs out, cut in halves and there, your running egg yolk marinated soft-boiled eggs are ready! Can be served alone or with ramen.

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