Meals on a Loveseat

Meals on a Loveseat
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Friday, March 20, 2015

COOK - 南北杏冰糖燉雪梨 Poached Pear with Apricot Kernel and Rock Sugar



The cooking of this Poached Pear is actually my food therapy. As told by my Chinese Doctor, poached pear is therapeutic and when cooked, it has some kind of agents released and can prevent cancer. Well, I know nothing about Chinese herbal medicine, but the pears are cheap and it's delicious and really easy to make, it helps relieve the heat and uneasiness of my sore throat, why not?


鴨嘴梨 4個 (醫師說不要去皮,我為了拍攝美觀,拿了一個去皮)
南杏 1手 (約15-20g)
北杏 1手 (約15-20g)
冰糖 約90g (甜度可隨個人喜好調教)

1. 鴨嘴梨洗淨,放入電飯煲,加水至剛蓋過梨表面 (梨會浮起來,可用牙籤插著底部固定)
2. 放入南北杏,在電飯煲內煲1小時 
3. 1小時後加入冰糖,再煲1小時。
4. 拿出來連水熱食。吃不完可放涼連水放入雪櫃,吃的時候連水一起番熱便可。是不是簡單到不行?又不用看火怕燒乾水

Poached Pear with Almond and Rock Sugar 

4 Tianjin Pears (Chinese Doctor says that I should leave the skin on, I peeled one off for the sake of a pretty picture ;p)
A handful of Apricot Kernel (~15-20g)
A handful of Bitter Apricot Kernel (~ 15-20g)
Around 90g of Rock Sugar (Level of Sweetness can be adjusted to your taste)

Steps are Super Simple:
1. Wash and clean the pears, place in a rice cooker. Add water to the level just covered the pears. Pears will float, you can pinch toothpicks to the bottom of the pears to fixate them.
2. Add both the apricot kernels and bitter apricot kernels,turn on the rice cooker and cook for 1 hour. 
3. Then add the rock sugar and cook for another hour.
4. Take the pears out and serve warm with the liquid. If you cannot finish them all, let cool and put the pears in a container together with the cooking liquid, chill in the fridge. Reheat when you need to serve it later. Isn't it so super simple? 

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