Meals on a Loveseat

Meals on a Loveseat
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

COOK - 風沙脆皮炸子鷄 Crispy Chicken in Soy Sauce

在還在Jet Lag的狀態下沒有氣力出去買菜,雪櫃有隻法國雞,用來做自家製風沙脆皮炸子鷄吧!


薑片  10塊
蔥  數條切段
日本醬油  800ml
水  200ml
玫瑰露酒  50ml
冰糖  100g
八角  3-4粒
雞*  1隻 (約1.3kg,解凍放至室溫)
白醋  適量

Crispy Chicken in Soy Sauce
10 slices Ginger
A few sprigs of Green Onion
800ml Soy Sauce
200ml Water
50ml Chinese Rose Wine
100g Cane Sugar Crystal
3-4 pcs Star Anise
1 Whole Chicken (defrosted and in room temperature)
White Vinegar

1. 在鑄鐵鍋內先爆香薑和蔥,倒入醬油水,玫瑰露酒冰糖和八角煲滾至糖完全溶解。
In a cast iron pot, fry the ginger and green onion until aroma develops. Pour soy sauce, water, wine, sugar and star anise and let boil, until sugar dissolved.

2. 轉為小火,將雞背向下放入醬油中再立刻拿起,重覆此步驟5-6次。此舉是為令雞皮能慢慢適應溫度而不致雞皮爆裂,維持美觀及完整性。
Turn to low heat, soak the chicken back side down for 2 seconds and take it up, repeat this procedure for 5-6 times. This would allow the skins to adapt to the temperature and avoid cracking.
3. 反轉雞胸向下,同樣地放入醬油中再立刻拿起,重覆此步驟5-6次。
Turn the chicken to breast side down and soak for 5-6 times like in Step 2. 
4. 最後一次把雞放下浸入醬油中,轉為中大火,同時用湯勺在表面淋上醬油汁。
For the last time, soak the whole chicken in the soy sauce, turn to medium-high heat. Use a ladle to pour sauce on the surface.

5. 當汁滾起的時候立刻關火蓋上鍋蓋。靜置約40分鐘。(視乎雞的大小而定)
When the sauce starts boiling, turn off the heat. Cover with the cast iron lid and let sit for about 40 minutes. (depending on the size of the chicken)

6. 時間到才打開蓋。翻動一下。
Open the lid once time is up, roll the chicken over. you should see nice color on the chicken now.

7. 這時拿起便已變成豉油雞了,喜歡的可以切件即接吃了!若想做炸子雞便繼續以下程序。
If you'd like to enjoy a simple soy sauce chicken, you can cut it now to serve. If you wanted to have the crispy skin version, follow the below steps. Hang the chicken on a glass bottle, place in the fridge and air dry for 2-3 hours.

8. 吃的時候從雪櫃拿出,在雞皮表面掃上一點白醋。預熱Airfryer200ºC,放入全雞焗8分鐘。
When you are about to serve, take the chicken out and brush some vinegar on the skins. Pre-heat airfryer to 200ºC, place the chicken inside and cook for 8 minutes.

9. 切件後灑上乾蒜,如喜歡辣的可加炒香了的辣椒粒。
Cut the chicken and sprinkle fried garlic or fried chili on top to serve.

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