Meals on a Loveseat

Meals on a Loveseat
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

COOK - 生炒糯米飯

天氣凍凍,就自然地想食碗熱辣辣嘅生炒糯米飯。我本來就好鍾意食d もちもち (mochi-mochi) 嘅嘢,喺外面食飯都會想叫,但因為家中有人唔太食得糯米,會滯住,一個人又食唔到一碟,唯有自己整個改良版就無咁heavy。

我用了2/3 糯米 + 1/3 珍珠米混合來做,可以保留煙煙韌韌的口感,但又不會太滯。


150g  糯米
80g   珍珠米
½  臘腸 (切粒)
½  潤腸 (切粒)
櫻花蝦  少許
1 冬菇 (浸軟切粒)
1 湯匙豉油
2 茶匙糖
1 蔥花

1. 糯米浸水2小時,加入珍珠米多浸1/2小時,隔水備用
2. 將米隔水蒸1/2小時 
3. 在鑊中加入2湯匙油炒香臘腸,潤腸,櫻花蝦和冬菇。加入蒸好的飯然後不斷炒。當飯粒變乾時,逐次加入少量水份,炒至飯粒分散及變軟
4. 將豉油和糖混合好,倒入飯中,繼續炒至完全混合並飯粒變乾身
5. 加入蔥花及麻油,混合好上碟

150g glutinous rice 
80g white rice  
½ Chinese sausage 臘腸 (diced)
½ Chinese sausage 潤腸 (diced)
handful sakura dried shrimp (soaked) 
1 dried black mushroom (soaked and softened, diced) 
2 tbsp vegetable oil 
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp sugar
1 green onion (chopped)
1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Soak the glutinous rice for 2 hours. Add white rice and soak for another ½ hour. Then drain
2. Steam the rice for 30 minutes.
3. In a wok, use 2 tbsp of oil to fry the diced sausages, dried shrimp and mushroom. Add steamed rice and keep stirring, once the rice gets dry, add a small amount  of water at a time, fry until the rice is soft and separated.
4. Mix soy sauce with sugar and add to the rice. Keep frying.
5. Add green onion and sesame oil.  Serve on a plate.


  1. Did you add some water to steam the rice in the step 2?thx

    1. The water is below the rice, separated by a metal frame. Boiling the water and causing it to vaporize and thus turning into steam. The rice itself should be drained from Step 1.

  2. Ha. I got your point finally, i was confused becuz i used 大同電鍋 to cook the rice, and found my rice couldnt be seperated fried after steam. Anyway, thx so much for ur prompt reply!

  3. 蒸好饭後,如果比较硬而又黏在一起,用热水冲一冲,會比较容易炒